Thinking about Oussama


What is going on here ? They said Ben Laden is down, they’ve killed him, ok says who? America? Oh please give me a break! I don’t trust them at all!

I don’t know if Oussama is dead or alive! I don’t even know who he is or should I say who he was. Should I? Was he a hero, a good jihadist muslim struggling for justice? Or was he some Hollywood myth created by America to justify the madness they spread all over the world? was he a CIA agent ? I don’t know!

 Maybe I don’t want to think about him, can I?

I can’t! I found this documentary and I watched it, Ben Laden was an engineer, he had a family, a very big and rich family in Saudi Arabia, so why Americans just buried him at sea? Which sea ? Why? How so ? Just to humiliate us one more time?

If he is really dead where’s his body? Oh yeah I forgot, it’s in the sea, probably already eaten by sharks, who knows?!

Ben Laden killed and buried at the sea, how convenient!!

He’s the terrorist, he deserves what happened to him but what about the United  States of America who have killed millions of innocent civilians in Iraq, in Afghanistan and still do in Palestine ? Is this how far we get in inhumanity and dishonor?

What kind of mad world are we living in? How can we manage to pursue our lives this way, watching war criminals walking on the streets and innocent people condemned without any proofs?!

Ben Laden is a big mystery for me, even after watching the documentary about him I still don’t know what he has become in his last years, but the part I knew about him makes me respect him for what he was.  He really was a hero, he believed in a noble cause and dedicated his life to it. But I don’t know what he did after that, I don’t know if he’s really responsible for the terrorist bombings killing so many innocent people all over the world, but I do know that : no one, no country, no organization can be more criminal, more terrorist than the USA. So America  should keep her mouth shut ! Supporting the criminal state of Israel till now ! Do they really have lessons to give to the world in human rights and democracy?

I don’t know why am I telling this! Maybe I’m too frustrated; I don’t want to believe that they've killed Oussama and especially  buried him at sea! This is so horrible and provocative for us, for any one who have some respect and appreciation for a human life, this is about human dignity !  

I still don’t know what happened, I can’t believe any “official” story, only God knows the truth ..

Is still there people who  believe Oussama Ben Laden is responsible for the 9/11 attacks ? Do I need to remind them about the real criminal here : the administration of George Walker Bush Shoes ? In other words America itself?

Oh I really must go, I just want to say at last : Oussama … I feel sorry for you ! This ain’t funny at all ! 

But there will be justice inchAllah... I just wish you to be innocent.

Finally, I want to share with you these tragicomic tweets of Michael Moore  :

"The monster we created-yes, WE-in the 1980s by ARMING, FUNDING, &TRAINING him in the art of terror agnst the USSR, finally had 2 b put down."

"Which reporter has the courage to say it? "American-armed terrorist from the 80s, Osama bin Laden, was killed earlier today by America." 

"10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later, we managed to kill one person."

"The war profiteers should erect a statue of Bin Laden as their greatest benefactor. He made them trillions!"

"OBL buried at sea according 2 Muslim tradition. Yes most Muslim funerals I've attended, we got in a chopper & tossed the deceased in L. Erie"

"He may be dead, but in a way, he won. We gave up our rights. We passed a PatriotAct. We spent trillions on needless wars. Fear now rules us."

That's all for today, Good night everyone ! 

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  1. Anonyme a dit…:

    Mon commentaire ne concerne pas cette note en particulier. Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je le trouve intéressant, créatif et montrant un maniement de plume assez impressionnant ! Je l'ai parcouru en diagonale vu que l'heure est assez tardive et que je dois me coucher. Je repasserai à nouveau pour regarder tes articles plus en détail. Slim

  1. Primavera a dit…:

    Merci Slim pour la visite et le commentaire, ça me ferait plaisir de te revoir :)

  1. Primavera a dit…:

    Je me permets d'ajouter ce commentaire si bien écrit par mon ami GM :

    Terrorisme à l'américaine

    "La Mort de Ben Laden a prouvé au monde entier qu'à Terrorisme,Terrorisme et demi !eh oui il est de plus en plus clair que les Etats unis d'Amérique usent d'un Terrorisme d'Etat sans précédent :Ils se permettent d'emprisonner des gens indéfiniment sans procès,d'envahir des Pays,de tuer des gens et d' avoir le culot (ah oui)de les jeter dans la mer sans aucun enterrement !Puis on vient nous crier ,à qui veut les entendre :vive la Démocratie !
    Américains et Sionistes:Quoi que que vous fassiez,vous serez à jamais l'Ennemi principal de la Nation Arabe et du Monde Musulman

    Merci GM !

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